Journey to Knowledge

Is school the only place to acquire knowledge? Should you wait to be thought in order to learn something? Are there things you should not or cannot learn?


At some point in time, we ask ourselves this same question. After graduation, I enrolled in a software programming course NIIT, and after completion of that course, I found out that I was basically teaching myself. I mean, the lecturer tried, to the best of his ability, but at the end, 90 percent of the work was me. When I look back at my life in the university, I ask myself if I could accomplish all I did on my own. Sure it would have taken a lot of discipline, but I think I would.


Life is all about discipline, motivation and sacrifice. In order to do great things, I think we should be prepared to go the extra mile independently. We should not wait for someone to push us no matter how young or old we are. And you know the most interesting thing about learning? It’s like a high that you cannot come back from. It gives you this feeling of freedom and power. I could not put it better than Sir Francis Bacon:

“knowledge itself is power”

In my first chapter of my journey to knowledge, I explore the possibilities of becoming an adept computer scientist all on your own. I found this open source course scheme of work that on Github attributed to the Open Source Society.  In my other posts, I will be describing my experiences, concept gained and giving a few tips on how to study independently.


I’m already getting excited!! I’ll keep you posted.

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