Hi, I am Gerald, a guy looking to take over the world someday.  Ummm…. something like that.

I am a passionate software developer and engineer, practicing Catholic and an individual who whats to know about everything. And recently? well, a guy aiming to have a voice in the areas of life he cares about.

I currently work at Aurea central, with a team of developers around the world to maintain Jive Software

Hmmm… what do I care about? 

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish everyone could see this” or “Hear me out!!!”… or “This stuff is too long for twitter”. Well, I feel this every time when I face challenges in programming; think about my faith; come across a new concept in science and technology and oh! games.

What’s My End Game? 

First and foremost, I want to be a voice, as ambiguous as that sounds, that’s it… a voice.

I used to have these philosophies and opinions about life that I just want to throw out there: about religion, movie stars, politics (not Trump) and so on. Now I get to share them on this awesome blog.

Also, I want to be able to develop and inspire young developers out there. So expect a lot of articles related to programming and software development.

Lastly, I love to make study interesting. I’ll be posting my adventures of learning. I hope to inspire others to take on independent learning and develop themselves.

Oh… did I mention a voice? Yes… a voice. LOL.

So that’s it!! Subscribe if you want to be inspired, subscribe if you want to learn about learning, well… just subscribe.

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